Movement Method is a functional training center with a focus on moving the body the way it was meant to move. We incorporate these movements based on need; rehabilitation or performance or both. Our vision is to set the most optimal framework for everyone to have an opportunity to meet their individual training goals, through the high quality personal training and group training class at Movement Method.


Our team consists of skilled personal trainers and team instructors with many years of experience in different facets of training and rehabilitation. We have many different sports backgrounds such as ball games, wrestling, YOGA, powerlifting, MMA etc. And we are all committed to helping all our members through intelligent and properly-planned training that we believe will bring you results.


At Movement Method, we work tirelessly to create the best training environment for you. We put your goals and needs first, which you will experience both in your free training and on our specific classes.

The phrase “If you don’t use it, you lose it” pertains perfectly to the human body. The Z-Health system sparks and retrains bodily connections through studying the nervous system, trying to regain old patterns that may have been lost while establishing new patterns that will promote life-long movement and health. Through the latest neuroscience breakthroughs, Z-Health promotes exercise performance and reduces pain. Z-Health uses a test, re-test system, so the trainer and the client both know which unique exercises are needed for the individual. This makes the process use less guess work, and makes results more certain and longer lasting.

We know that everyone is unique and therefore the way we experience the world is unique. This is the same with pain. This is why an individual blend of exercises and drills is exactly what your nervous system is asking for. One person’s back pain is not interpreted in the brain the same way as another person’s back pain. Therefore, at Movement Method, we tailor-make a personal program for your personal nervous system. The program is organized according to a scientific process. Since the speed of the nervous system operates at 270 miles per hour, we can receive immediate feedback on whether or not your brain, and your body, needs a certain exercise or drill. Z-Health is just one of the systems used at Movement Method, but is often used as a shortcut to make healing and repair happen quicker so you can be pain-free.

Movement Method
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