For those of you who just want to burn through for an hour. Functional typically consists of a heating and then 1 or more workouts. The exercises are based on functional lifting, explosive work and high intensity. We recommend that you know basic lifting techniques. 
This class is based on moving the body in the ways it was meant to move. While joint mobility is part of the class, there are added focuses on balance, flexibility and skill-training, such as handstands, crawling, squat variability and basic gymnastic skills. The class can be technically challenging at times, but the instructors will adapt the program for every individual so all can join.

A form of functional training where we use minimal equipment, various movement exercises and body weight exercises. A good beginner's lesson where the training is not very strenuous, but allows you to explore your movement better and still use tools to help you in your training.

We use different boxing combinations and combine footwork, head movement and defensive training to give you a realistic boxing experience. We also use other equipment such as boxes, jumpworms and dumbbells to give you a more holistic training experience.

If you value agility, mobility and core strength, yoga is for you. Our skilled instructors help you through the different positions, so you feel safe.  You will meet different forms of yoga, like vinyasa and stråla. Anyone can join in. 

Here we work with strength training through lifting primarily with a barbell in our hands. We will work with the technique of lifting as a deadlift, squat, bench press, pull (snatch), shock (clean and jerk) and various support exercises for this.  If you want to become a stronger version of yourself this is the team for you. 



Eddie's athletic background is wrestling and Mixed Martial Art. Eddie has an exceptional ability to get you moving in ways you've never done before. He has more than 18 years of experience as an instructor. 

Classes: Movement, functional


Stefan has taught various types of training for over 8 years. His sporting background is strength and weightlifting and crossfit. 

Teams: Functional, Functional Movement


Benjamin specializes in movement training. Movement is used as a form of rehabilitation, general mobility and strength training. Benjamin also specializes in habit coaching.

Team: Movement Functional Movement


Mikkel has a background in strength training, movement and circus, where he specialized in handstand and partner acrobatics. He has previously taught at the circus school in Copenhagen, including flexibility, handstand and strength training.

Teams: Functional, Movement and Functional Movement


Kasper's sporting experience is primarily kayaking as well as tool gymnastics, yoga and movement. He is good at knitting exciting and challenging exercises together on his team. Kasper has been a team instructor since 2016.

Team: Movement, Functional Movement, Functional Strength


Björk has over 10 years of experience in yoga. She was Yoga Allience certified in January 2018 and has additional certification from Mindful Strength. She's been a team instructor for three years. 

Classes: Yoga, Functional


Fabienne teaches Stråla yoga, which is a yoga form based on natural movement, and focuses on breathing and being aware. The yoga poses are combined through a flow and build a balance between strength, agility, stability and mobility. 

Team: Yoga


Miriam was originally trained as a NYC artist with a background in elite swimming. She has subsequently trained in dance, yoga, pilates and general strength and mobility training. 

Miriam has been teaching for over 10 years and there is guaranteed high spirits on all her classes!

Teams: Functional, Movement and Functional Movement



Team: Functional Boxing

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